Inquiries from Government and Regulatory Authorities

Like all large organizations, the University receives requests for information or site visits from government regulatory and investigative agencies. Sometimes, the inquiry involves a matter in which the University is directly involved (e.g., an inspection of Harvard's facilities by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). In other instances, the University is not directly involved but possesses relevant information (e.g., a request by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for information concerning an employee, regarding a criminal investigation unrelated to the employee's work at Harvard). In either case, it is important that the Office of the General Counsel be notified immediately of all non-routine requests for information or site visits by government agencies. In addition to determining whether the request is legally valid, the Office can assist in assuring that the University responds satisfactorily and in notifying the appropriate people at Harvard. You should also refer all attorneys representing regulatory authorities or the government to the Office of the General Counsel.