Harvard University's Office of the General Counsel is responsible for all the legal work arising from the activities of Harvard’s Faculties and departments. Our mission is to render timely and thoughtful advice on the broad range of legal issues that the University, its faculty, and administrators confront on behalf of the University.

The Office is organized on the model of a small law firm. Each University Attorney is both a generalist capable of handling a wide variety of legal matters and a specialist with particular expertise in certain key areas. Attorneys and legal assistants work as a team, consulting with their colleagues within the Office and with outside counsel as appropriate. Most areas of practice are staffed by more than one attorney, so that the Office can respond promptly to client needs.

The Office is headed by the Vice President and General Counsel who has overall responsibility for directing the University’s legal affairs. Day-to-day management is provided by the Administrative Coordinator. The Deputy General Counsel handles the assignment of matters and the long-range planning of legal services. The Office also has an Department Administrator who coordinates support staff and provides other administrative support for the professional staff.