Ranna Farzan
Legal Services Officer and Department Administrator
Phone: 617-496-3006

Stephanie Cambra

Phone: 617-496-3010

Jena Holland
Assistant to Julie Faber, Diane Lopez, and Heather Quay
Phone: 617-496-3010

Jackie Monahan
Assistant to Ham Hackney, Peter Serreze, and Audrey Wang 
Phone: 617-495-1499 

Jean Murphy
Assistant to Ellen Berkman, Eileen Finan, Ara Gershengorn, and Sara Madge
Phone: 617-496-4168 

Cheryl Nesom
Assistant to Bradley Abruzzi and Marilyn Schriever
Phone: 617-495-4779 

Catherine Prod'homme
Executive Assistant to Robert W. Iuliano, Vice President and General Counsel
Phone: 617-495-4778

Loreta Rufo-Andrade
Assistant to Jonathan Hulbert, Elizabeth Seaman, and Jennifer Harding
Phone: 617-495-9246